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De ASW triathleten in actie

The ASW triathletes in action



First, we welcome two Dutch champions in our midst. After a pretty exciting and well-organized race are Joey and Kim van 't Leave Renkum become champion at the National Championships Cross Triathlon (Junior 16 + yrs)

Joey in actionJoey and Kim were together with the other athletes brought to the starting boat for 750 meter swim. Joey was the first of the boys back to quickly switch to the bicycle part. Shortly behind Kim Van T came out of the water, as the second girl she stepped on the ATB, the fastest swimmer or a second 20-explanatory. The koploopster was quickly nabbed by Kim, at the end of the bike leg, she was also overtaken making it an exciting match. After cycling looked at them against a gap of 1'20 "on the koploopster, but a very fast change and excellent loop component made sure she took the cup after 2km and no longer ceded and more than two minutes ahead of the finish came.

After swimming Joey on the bike course without taking too much risk (especially in view of upcoming games) on the fast ATB round some time to pack. When running the 5.5 km Joey did not quite fully run because he was far and away the bike.

Also Joep Staps came at the start of the National Championships Cross Triathlon with a beautiful 6the place Overall merit. During the race, Joe hit a post that gave him two broken ribs! Get well soon!!


In Germany did to the Torfmoorsee lake Erik Lentfert participated in a half-triathlon. Unfortunately, the list starts DNF's beginning to take nice shapes with Erik. Unfortunately, Erik had the game prematurely discontinue due to extreme breathing problems while walking. He literally could not breathe more (asthmatic, but have not previously suffered from in games). was at the time of termination Erik on a handsome fourthe place in the field.

In Veenendaal This weekend was the 35ste Van Dijk Triathlon Veenendaal site. This was beautifully organized Channah, Roy, Mohamad Masoo and Pim in action. And what's cooler than with your father 'trio triathlon do. This happened Channah which is to return from a foot injury and running, so to let them pass. For her another small step in its rehabilitation, and it was again the first game since February. Not least because Channah in September will start the World Championships in Rotterdam. Together with her father she was 7the become !!


In the Premier League there were three active athletes. Both Maso, Roy as Pim the doughs were allowed to cross with each other! In this tough field, every little mistake behind. Maso came out for the Canyon Team Fusion, Roy at Dolphin Triathlon and Pim in TTvW team!


After a good start from Maso (like 5the out of the water) he was unsympathetic legs and eventually cramp while running. Pim came as 25ste from the water but could make up a lot of time while riding a 6the bike time. In the end, ending with a 14the place! And Roy has been satisfied with a 50th place.


On Saturday was the last Koen Hijman to start at Triathlon Bodegraven. After Koen took the head a chaotic swim start and jump followed by a tight exchange first on the bike. The bicycles must admit two places, including his old teammateNiels Person. Only controlled with walking the hole closed to the leader but still the last circulation incorrectly estimated and can get a good second place at the first 6 second backlog. A very nice achievement of Koen !!


In the meantime, Wytse got on Sundays (Team Fleur) Included with the Triathlon Noord-Oostpolder, the quarter away. For him a new distance, and of course getting used to it to start a turn without fleur. After control of the nerves, the horns sounds at 2 pm and the battlefield bursts. After a number of big collisions and mopping, Wytse swims in 20: 20min to the bill. He is a bicycle and he is gone. The bicycle part goes delicious and has a nice rhythm to tackle too much energy. Drunk well on the way and an energy gate (1h16 minutes). And then the run of 10km where he saw the most. Well drink and a gel help him to reach the Fish after 59 minutes. Tired but satisfied he looks at the finish board and sees a time from 2:40:55. His aim was three o'clock, so he never expected this. It was a very cool experience again and to the next. Sept. 10 The 1/8 triathlon in Witmarsum. Just with fleur this time.


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