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Cafeïne is een van de weinige supplementen die je prestatie écht kan verbeteren.

Caffeine is one of the few supplements that you can really improve performance.

How does it work?

When you and sip of a (sport) drink with caffeine, a Winegum with the fabric takes your mouth or chewing on caffeine gum, the fabric is absorbed at lightning speed by your saliva. A signal is almost immediately sent to your brain and the caffeine works immediately. After about 45 minutes, the caffeine concentration is highest.

How do I use it?

Even small dosages caffeine can already have an effect. But for an optimal dose you take 3-6 mg of caffeine, per kilogram of body weight. To benefit from it throughout the game, you divide this dosage over the three disciplines. For example, take 1 portion of 50-100 mg just before the swimming part and use erasers or gels with caffeine during the bicycle and walking part. With a whole triathlon you can also take a little more than 6 mg / kg if you spread well throughout the race. You certainly no longer want to take for shorter distances. In that case, it is certainly not better but can lead to stomach and intestinal complaints.

What can I take?

Gels With caffeine usually contain 25, 50 or 100 mg. Electrolytes often provide 75 mg and Winegums 20-75 mg per tablet per tablet per portion.

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