Pure Power Hydro Hydratatietabletten (20x4gram)
Pure Power Hydro Hydratatietabletten (20x4gram)
Pure Power Hydro Hydratatietabletten (20x4gram)

Pure Power

pure Power Hydro Hydration Tablets (20x4g)

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pure Power Hydro Hydration Tablets (20x4g)


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The pure Power Hydro effervescent tablets maintain fluid balance, reduce the risk of cramping, improve red blood cell formation and increase oxygen distribution in the body. pure Power Hydro effervescent tablets and electrolytes provide a nice, fresh taste. Sucralose is used as a sweetener. It is known to give a more natural sweetness than e.g. aspartame and other artificial sweeteners.

Important salts and minerals

Electrolytes are a mixture of salts and minerals that the body needs if you want to perform optimally during workouts or competitions. Usually, you get these important substances naturally through your daily diet. But if you push your body during workouts and races, you run the risk of running out of them, which means dehydration or cramping.

Takes care of your fluid balance

Electrolytes are important salts that, among other things, protect you from dehydration. Even a modest fluid loss of 1-2% can reduce your performance by 10-20%. When the body runs out of salt, it loses its ability to bind fluid. This makes it difficult to maintain fluid balance. When your body lacks salt, you can become dehydrated at worst.

In contrast, when your salt balance is in good order, you can absorb fluids more easily. This makes it easier to achieve high performance with normal fluid intake during your training or competition.

Avoid cramps

At the same time, supplementing with the mineral magnesium effectively reduces the risk of cramps during or after your workout. Cramps usually occur after sustained, strenuous physical activity that exhausts the muscles, especially in the legs. In addition, dehydration can increase your risk of having problems with cramps.

Ensure better oxygenation of the blood

HYDRO effervescent tablets from PurePower are also enriched with vitamin B6. This plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, just as the vitamin increases the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen through the body.

Avoid excess energy

Another benefit of using pure Power Hydro Plus effervescent tablets with electrolytes is that it does not add calories to the drinking water in which the tablet is dissolved. So if you want to make sure you burn calories during your workout - e.g., when you want to lose weight - you can use a HYDRO effervescent tablet as a flavoring in your drinking water during exercise.

This way, you can be absolutely sure that you are actually burning calories during your workout so that you achieve your desired weight loss. Conversely, if you want to add energy during your workout, you can add fast carbohydrates from e.g. Carbo Race Neutral energy powder to your drinking water. This is an energy drink made from 100% pure maltodextrin, which provides rapid energy replenishment during your workout.

Feed Value:


per daily amount
4 tablets = 16 g

per 100 ml of beverage
1 tablet im 200 ml water

Vitamin E 7.2 mg 0.9 mg (7.5%*)
Niacin (vitamin B3) 9.6 mg 1.2 mg (7.5%*)
Vitamin B6 0.84 mg 0.11 mg (7.6%*)



per daily amount
4 tablets = 16 g

per 100 ml of beverage
1 tablet im 200 ml water


915.2 mg

114.4 mg (not determined*)


225 mg

28.13 mg (7.5%*)

*From reference intake for an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)

Lozenge indication

  • Dietary supplement containing vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains sugar and sweetener. For adults and children 11 years and older.
  • Keep out of the reach of children. Do not exceed the daily dose.
  • Dietary supplements cannot replace a varied diet.

Recommended daily dosage: Max 4 tablets.

Usage: Dissolve 1 tablet in 200 ml of water.

Ingredients: Acidity regulator: E330, sodium bicarbonate, glucose, firming agent: E420, magnesium (magnesium carbonate), coloring agent: E162, flavoring, sweetener: E955, firming agent: E1521, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), nicotinamid (niacin), pyridoxin hydroclorid (vitamin B6).

Magnesium contributes to electrolyte balance. Magnesium, niacin and vitamin B6 contribute to reducing fatigue and exhaustion.

Storage method: Store dry and dark and in closed container at a temperature between 0 and 25°C.

Contents: 80 g (20 tablets of 4 g).

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