Dare2Tri to Swim Wetsuit Dames DEMO
Dare2Tri to Swim Wetsuit Dames DEMO
Dare2Tri to Swim Wetsuit Dames DEMO


Dare2Tri to Swim Wetsuit Women DEMO

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Dare2Tri to Swim Wetsuit Women DEMO


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DEMOMODEL : Only very slightly damaged 

Dare2Tri is the only brand in the world to offer a wetsuit for swimmers who swim breaststroke or partial breaststroke during a triathlon. We have given it the name "Dare2Tri to Swim. By adjusting the panels and the thickness of the neoprene, we developed a unique wetsuit in which you can swim both breaststroke and breaststroke.

The wetsuit was tested by 'Open water swimming' Magazine in the UK. This was their response: "Great wetsuit, kept me warm at 5°Celsius, less buoyancy so I can swim breaststroke without getting too much above the surface!"

The Dare2Tri wetsuit has more buoyancy in the upper body and less around the waist and legs, so you can swim breaststroke without leaning over, but can also swim breaststroke (but with slightly less buoyancy in the legs).

The women's model of the Dare2Tri to Swim has a slightly longer zipper so it's easy to put on and take off.


Collar 2mm : Made of a single layer of neoprene. The collar fits precisely, minimizes the passage of water and does not chafe. The closure at the back is reversed. Dare2Tri is the only wetsuit brand that has chosen this option and the reason is that if the suit is not closed properly, the hard part of the Velcro closure will not chafe on your skin. They are confident that our wetsuits (all models) do not cause chafing.

Shoulders and armpits: 2.5mm

The shoulders are made of a 2.5mm smooth skin stretch neoprene. The armpits are made of 4-way stretch nylon that is not only soft to the touch but also very durable.

Chest panel: 5mm

The 5mm thick chest panel provides buoyancy, which makes you faster and gives you a better body position in the water so you are less likely to fatigue.

Both ITU, ETU, Ironman and Challenge has a maximum allowable neoprene thickness of 5mm.

From the thigh to above the knee: 3.5mm

To make sure your legs don't sink, but also not to give them too much buoyancy, the thigh panels are made of 3.5mm thick neoprene. It gives enough buoyancy for breaststroke and chest crawl swimming.

Panels lower legs: 2mm

The neoprene in the lower legs of the Dare2Swim is only 2mm thick. This ensures that when you swim breaststroke you have the most optimal body position in the water. The material on the outside is made of Glide Skin so you can remove the suit easily and thus quickly.

Calf panels: 2mm

The calf panel is constructed on the inside with our unique 4-way pre-stretched Super Stretch. Together with the Glide Skin on the outside and the angled cut leg opening, it allows you to take the suit off without any effort.

Panels on the back leg: 3.5mm

With a thickness of 3.5mm, this panel ensures a perfect position in the water. If the neoprene were thicker, it would cause a concave back and if it were thinner, it would cause too low a position in the water.

Back panels: 3.5mm

The back panels are not only there to generate extra buoyancy, they are also an extension of the shoulders. This is why we chose 3.5mm thick neoprene with a 4-way stretch lining. It gives more freedom of movement and provides more buoyancy.

YKK zipper

The zipper has a metal hanging closure that allows you to open and close it gradually. After a survey of Dare2Tri followers on Facebook, they decided to have the zipper close from the bottom to the top. A large majority expressed that this closure is preferred over a zipper that closes from top to bottom.

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