Zwem sneller naar de finishlijn met Arena's indoor essentials!

Swim faster to the finish line with Arena's indoor essentials!

Looking for a way to improve your swimming skills even during the cold winter months? We have exactly what you need! Our selection of Arena indoor essentials will help you strengthen your swimming skills and swim more efficiently. So, get your swimsuit, trunks or wetsuit on and read our blog for handy tips & tricks on how to best use these game-changing products during your workouts. Because with these tips, you're guaranteed to swim to the finish line faster than ever!
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Triathlon is one of the most challenging sports out there, especially when it comes to the swimming part. It requires not only physical strength, but also technique and endurance. This requires considerable training, but how do you do that in winter?

That's where Arena luckily has an answer. Arena has a number of essential swimming products to make indoor swimming a lot easier. That way you can keep on training in winter!


The Powerfin Pro Zoomers Are a game-changer for your swim training. These flippers will help you improve leg muscles and speed in the water.

Due to the unique shape of the flippers, the leg workout becomes more intense, making the muscles grow faster and become stronger. This also ensures that the swimming stroke becomes more efficient, consuming less energy while swimming.


The Kickboard is also used by the Dutch swimming team and is an indispensable swimming product for triathletes who want to work on upper body strength and body technique.

By using the ergonomic Kickboard, legs are trained, causing these muscles to grow quickly and become stronger. This leads to an improved kick, making swimming easy to sustain.

You can also improve the position of your hips in the water. The Kickboard provides a higher hip position.


The Freeflow Pull Buoy is a real must-have for triathletes who want to get stronger in the water and develop a better swimming technique. This is because it helps isolate the upper body and increase resistance while swimming.

You place the Freeflow Pull Buoy between your thighs or ankles to support your body; this allows you to fully focus on your fitness and upper body strength. Your legs stay afloat.

This trains the arms, shoulders and back muscles, which in turn makes for a more efficient swimming stroke and less energy consumption while swimming.


The Vortex Evolution Hand Swim Paddles are ideal for improving arm and shoulder strength by allowing you to feel the water well.

The unique shape of the paddles provides a more intense workout of the arms and shoulders, strengthening these muscles and making faster swimming easier.


The Arena snorkels, such as the Swim Snorkel Pro III, are a great tool for breathing technique while swimming.

By using a snorkel, you can focus on breathing technique by making it easier to swim and keep breathing.

In addition, you can also focus more on perfecting your swim stroke and technique. Breathe calmly through your snorkel and focus on each part of your swim stroke.


Finally, let's not forget the swimming goggles and pouch. Definitely as important!

The Arena swimming goggles, such as the Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe, are specially designed to provide clear vision underwater, while the Arena Swim Goggles Case ensures that the goggles are safe and easy to carry.

This is convenient for triathletes who train in both indoor water and open water, such as pools or lakes.


If you use these products during your triathlon or swim training, you will find that your swimming skills improve quickly.

To take it a step further, here are a few more tips and tricks to take your swimming skills to the next level:

  • Make sure you warm up properly before you start swimming. This helps to prevent injuries.
  • Focus on your breathing. Breathing techniques are crucial for an efficient swim stroke.
  • Use different types of exercises during your workout. This helps to exercise different muscles and prevent fatigue.

With the right tools and proper training, anyone can become a better triathlete/swimmer!

Make sure you use these Arena products in your home and swim yourself to the finish line faster!

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