Wetsuit passen? Tips om te lezen voordat je naar een testdag gaat

Fitting wetsuit? Tips to read before you go to a test day

The triathlon season is approaching again and gradually the competition lists are starting to take shape. Competitions are regularly posted and polled on Facebook. You see triathletes running longer training sessions again and in 2.5 months most outdoor swimming pools will open again.
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However, the outside water is still quite fresh, read cold, and a (good) wetsuit is appreciated by many a triathlete. The months of February and March is also the time to take a good look at your equipment again. Does everything still satisfy? My wetsuit got through the winter well, and I didn't want a new, better, faster, more convenient, more beautiful wetsuit. One of which you are already mentally on 1-0 lead.

To make a good choice which wetsuit suits you, various providers are organized by Wetsuit Test Days where you can test various brands. And that is not a superfluous luxury because the fit differs enormously per brand. Pay particular attention to the space with your chest, around your arms (once well put your arms into the air), around your neck, under your armpits, on your waist and in your lower back.

Tips all you go to a wetsuit test day:

  1. Cut your nails in advance so that you keep the suit whole. Neoprene is very vulnerable material for sharp nails in particular.
  2. Forget goggles and not to take a bathing cap
  3. Take something to drink. It is often warm in a swimming pool
  4. Look at the size tables which size is most suitable for you.
  5. Determine your price range. The prices vary from 199 euros to more than 700 euros.
  6. The first wetsuit is always the easiest (and off). You and the suit are then dry, so attracting is a party. Every suit that you put on after that will be difficult (er). Let you help with attract
  7. Take one towel to dry yourself in between the suits
  8. Take the time to fit .. Do not expect that you can put 6 different brands and models on and off in an hour. Unless you want to make an expensive/strength training

Look here for more information about our wetsuit test moments in the Netherlands.



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