Hoe kies je de beste zwembril voor jou?

How do you choose the best swimming goggles for you?

As the first part of the Triathlon you dive into the water. In good spirits you start swimming, until .. yes your swimming goggles leaks or starts to cover. That is where your good classification goes. How do you choose the best swimming goggles for you? Read our tips here.
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Swimming goggles with a triathlon is a must for every triathlete. Without the swimming goggles it becomes difficult swimming and navigating also suddenly becomes very difficult with the sun that shines your eyes. So a must, at the same time also part of your equipment that can cause considerable annoyance.

The choice for swimming glasses is based on 3 criteria: the fit of the glasses, the frequency of the training sessions and finally the color of the glasses glasses.

There are a lot of different brands of swimming glasses, which also all have different models. Bee athletesportsworld we have swimming glasses Varying from € 22.95 to € 69.95. The first criteria: the fit of the glasses is the most important thing to start with. To choose the right size, there is a simple test: Place the glasses on your eyes, press it for a moment, but let the strap (also called Strap) hang. With the right size, the swimming goggles will stick. The moment the glasses connect nicely (sticks), the swimming goggles will not leak because it closes vacuum. Does the swimming goggles release immediately when pressing? Then air comes behind the glass and is therefore not airtight (and can therefore leak)

The second criteria is the frequency of use. Important for the swimming goggles for someone who swims recreational is that he is comfortable and easy to adjust. The nose bridge can be adjusted with some models by means of a rib system. If you prefer a wider field of vision, it's best to opt for a swimming mask.

If you go for the most suitable swimming goggles at high intensity, you quickly have a tight shape of glasses with a precise field of vision and also polarizing glasses for while swimming. They are also designed hydrodynamically to achieve the performance goals. With some swimming goggles you can choose the right nose bridge for your face through the removable nose bridge.

Finally, you can opt for the color of the glasses of your swimming goggles, it is best to choose based on the place where you swim. If you swim outside (sunlight) or in a swimming pool with a lot of bright lighting, it is best to opt for dark glasses or mirror glass, this glass dampens the brightness of the light and provides more rest for the eyes. The swimming goggles from ROKA For example, you can get in various lens colors. With a swimming pool that is quite dark or does not have such bright light, you can go ahead with clear glasses or with glasses with a very light tint

Tip: Are you going to do a triathlon or a swimming competition? Then make sure you always have spare glasses in your bag.

athletesportsworld has a large assortment as a triathlon and swimming specialist swimming glasses In the webshop and showroom (Amsterdam) of the brands Zoggs, Arena, ROKA and Zone3

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