Fietsen bij warm weer. Waar moet ik aan denken?

Cycling in warm weather. What should I think about?

During a warm summer day your bike ride can sometimes be a challenge. Because how do you prevent the heat from getting bothered? And where can you pay attention if the temperatures rise?

The warm summer weather can sometimes be a challenge during your bike ride. Sometimes you can suffer from the heat and certainly if it is also accompanied by a climb in the route. But where can you pay attention if the temperatures rise?

Drink enough

If the temperatures rise, you lose moisture, salts and minerals faster. Enough drinking is definitely recommended. A thirsty Is the option here if you want to get carbohydrates in addition to electrolytes in extremely hot weather (25+ Celsius), it is advisable to limit yourself to supplementing salts and minerals. Exist for this Special effervescent tablets that solves you in a bottle.

It is wise to drink a bottle for your bike ride and drink a bottle of 750ml during your bike ride. Then drink a sports drink that contains enough salts and minerals (called electrolytes).

Have you finished exercising? Then keep supplementing your salt and mineral household well often you still sweat a lot, and there too you continue to lose a lot of electrolytes.

Listen to your body

It costs your body a little more to function during very hot days, cycling also costs just a little more. During a hot day it is good to listen to your body to prevent overheating. Once a bit quieter or a break in between does not matter. If you cycle in the mountains, you will regularly come across streams with wonderfully cold water. Make your face nice and wet with this!

Plenty of food

During hot days you often have little or no sense to eat. You suffer less from a feeling of hunger and that can sometimes turn out wrong on the bike. To maintain your energy level, it is important to keep eating well, even during your bike ride. A Isotone sports gel Can offer a solution while cycling if you have eaten too little. This gel contains many carbohydrates to provide you during your ride.


During the heat it is even more important to wear good cycling clothing. Good cycling pants with chamois ensure that you get less trouble with painful friction places that are caused by the heat and sweating. In addition, it is nice if the material of the cycling pants has a good breathable capacity and the shoulder straps are made of mesh. This makes you sweat less quickly. Also the use of Chamois Creme Ensures that the sanding spots are kept to a minimum.

A good ventilating bicycle shirt Keep you cool during the ride. Also for cycling clothing, lighter colors repel the sun more than dark colors. This is certainly recommended during warm sunny days. Even during the warm journeys it is wise to wear an undershirt. A good undershirt Immediately transports the lot of sweat from your body and ensures that you stay up to temperature. For example, choose a thin undershirt or an undershirt with an open mesh structure.

Good bicycle glasses

Your eyes can also use protection against the sun. A bicycle glasses With sufficient UV protection is therefore very wise. In most cases the following applies: the darker the lens, the more protection for your eyes. Sometimes bicycle glasses are also equipped with a sweat bar, this is the edge at the top of the glasses with material that absorbs sweat well. This prevents the sweat from coming under the glasses and ending up in your eyes.

Finally, it is of course also important to just enjoy the weather. Before you know it, the sun has disappeared again!

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