De ultieme cadeaugids voor de enthousiaste duursporter

The ultimate gift guide for the enthusiastic endurance athlete

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The holidays are coming again. In many cases, that means that the gift season is also open. For yourself or for someone else, in many cases making the right choice or finding the ideal gift is difficult.

To help you find the best gifts for endurance athletes, we have triathlete and endurance athleteLotte van Trigt 

Check her choice for swimming, cycling, running and triathlon below. And also handy: she has also classified the gifts to budget.

Gift tips from Lotte

I am happy to help you find your ideal gift. I always like buying presents, especially if you can really make someone very happy with that.
The holidays are getting closer and closer and that means that for some the stress for the search for the ideal gifts is increasing. Do not panic!
Fortunately, I have a number of tips for you and I have clearly listed all the gifts, so that you will certainly succeed for the Sports Gek or Duights Play in your area.
To make finding the ideal gift or gifts easier, I have divided them into categories by price. Click on the link to see the products!
Socks for every athlete

Gifts up to 25 euros

Are you looking for a nice or small gift for a fanatic athlete? Then you will find several examples for a limited budget in this category. That does not mean that it is beautiful gifts that come in handy for every athlete.
Sunglasses are also a good gift!

Gifts of 25-50 euros

Is your budget slightly larger? Especially for the people you find just a bit nicer or what would have preferred in the past year? Then you will find your ideal gift below.

A trisuit as an ideal gift

Gifts of 50-100 euros

Do you have a little more to spend for the ideal gift? In this category there are many nice nice gifts to be found, but beware, this is just a small selection of this category.
  • trisuit  Women 
  • gloves 
  • Women  in front of.
  • Bliz   Bliz 
  • As a triathlete or cycling enthusiast, well maintaining your bike is important, so the Dynamic items are ideal for that. With this very completestarter kit 

The "Outdoor category"

Love of your life, giving someone a nice gift ... In other words, if money is not an issue, then we have a few wonderful ideas for you!
Blackroll  Massage gun 

There are so many beautiful presents for a endurance athlete. From supplementing sports nutrition to indeed that indoor bicycle trainer. But also with the smallest things as supplies to clean the bike, elastic laces, socks or new swimwear A endurance athlete will be very happy with it!

If you need help finding the ideal gift? Then contact us and we are happy to help you choose.
And don't forget: at ASW you can always exchange your gift within 30 days.
Have fun giving your gift!
Lotte van Trigt

Sporty regards,
Lotte van Trigt

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