Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer
Hammerhead Karoo 2 Fietscomputer


Hammerhead Karoo 2 bicycle computer

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Hammerhead Karoo 2 bicycle computer

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Hammerhead Karoo 2 Bike Computer


Test this Hammerhead Karoo for 45 days now. Not satisfied? Money back!

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS bike computer is an advanced and versatile GPS bike computer. Ideal for road, gravel and mountain bike use. The Karoo 2 has a 3.2" screen, live turn-by-turn GPS navigation and a 12-hour battery life.

The Karoo 2 is designed to put your cycling experience first. Its powerful features make it easy for cyclists to do structured workouts, track routes, connect to Strava and other third parties, and get the most out of every ride.

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 receives regular software and feature updates. Because of this, it is not possible to keep up with all the specifications all the time.

Matthias from AthleteSportsWorld : Since 2 years I have been driving the Hamerhead Karoo 2. A fantastic device with a very clear screen. The Karoo2 has some useful features such as rain lock, a very good re-route option and possibility to create various profiles. Highly recommended!

Technical Specifications:


  • Dragontrail™ glass panel with matte finish acid etched
  • Dragontrail™ glass is beautiful and highly scratch-resistant. Treated to create a resilient anti-glare matte finish to ensure screen visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • High resolution 3.2" display with 16.7 million colors supported 92 PPI pixel density, 480x800 portrait resolution, and 16.7 million colors support enable the Karoo 2 to display high quality visuals and clear detailed maps that you can read at a glance.
  • Responsive touch screen, with drop-down rejection


  • The Karoo 2 has a screen large enough to see at a glance, powerful processors and sensors, and is packed into a compact form factor small enough to race with.
  • Dimensions: Width: 60.8mm, Height: 100.6mm, Length: 19.3mm
  • Weight:Karoo 2 weight: 131 grams, Hammerhead Mount weight: 36 grams, System weight: 167 grams
  • Glass-filled polycarbonate chassis - The glass-filled polycarbonate chassis is both lightweight and strong, allowing the Karoo 2 to withstand any rigors or adventures.
  • Buttons - Karoo 2 has four high-grip buttons with intuitive function assignment for seamless operation even with sweaty hands or gloves. Karoo 2 is fully navigable using the buttons or touchscreen.
  • Overmolded shockproof bumper - The Karoo 2 is designed to look elegant yet rugged.
  • Waterproof SIM card cover - You can easily add or remove a SIM card with a removable cover that protects against water ingress.=
  • Water and dustproof to IP67 rating - IP67 protection against dust and water ensures that your Karoo 2 works in all driving conditions.
  • Battery2500 mAh high capacity battery - Our high capacity battery balances size, weight and performance.
  • 12 hours of driving time - Twelve hours of driving time in normal conditions with our recommended configuration with medium battery consumption. (Navigating a route, displaying data, logging 4 sensors, daylight screen setting)
  • USB-C with fast charging - Fast charging takes the Karoo 2 from 0% - 30% in 30 minutes, and fully charged in less than 3 hours.
  • Waterproof USB-C port - Waterproof USB-C is resilient in all conditions, as long as it is thoroughly dry before charging.


  • Quad core 1.1Ghz, CPU with 2GB RAM - Ultra-fast but ultra-efficient processor ensures smooth operation and data visualization.
  • 32GB storage (26GB for maps) - Plenty of space for maps, workouts and more.


  • BT 4.0 - Can connect to all Bluetooth bike sensors, as well as headphones for audio and smartphones to display phone notifications.=
  • ANT+ - For connection to ANT+ bike sensors, including power meters, heart rate monitors, Di2, radar and more.
  • WIFI (b,g,n) - Connects to your WiFi for wireless software updates, map downloads and ride uploads.
  • Mobile - GSM (2G, 3G, 4G band coverage) 4G: Bands 2, 3, 5, 7; 3G: Bands 2, 5; 2G:
  • EGSM900, DCS1800 - Global 3G and LTE band coverage available with a SIM card (SIM card not included)
  • GNSS - High accuracy GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, QZSS antennas give you access to more satellites to determine your position anywhere on earth.

Sensor and sounds

  • Highly sensitive barometer and ambient temperature sensors - Temperature and altitude data from the device measured as you ride.
  • 3-axis accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope - The addition of these sensors will allow us to offer you future software features that provide more insight into movement during your ride.
  • Beep - Beep alerts for navigation, training and smartphone notifications.

    Full Specifications:

    • Housing Material: Plastic
    • Clock: Yes
    • Odometer: Yes
    • Altimeter: Yes
    • Barometer: Yes
    • Accelerometer: Yes
    • Magnetometer: Yes
    • Gyroscope: Yes
    • Ambient temperature: Yes
    • Technical Features: Dragontrail™ Glass, high resolution 3.2" display, Strava Live Segments, electronic shifting support, turn-by-turn navigation, route augmentation, custom ride profiles, instant re-routing, USB fast charging
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, ANT+, Wi-Fi, GPS, GSM
    • Operating system: Android
    • Storage space: 32GB
    • Submersible: IP67
    • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
    • Battery life: 12 hours
    • Low battery indicator: Yes, with power save mode
    • Mounting Type:Hammerhead Karoo 2 mounting system (included), rearward compatible with quarter turn mounting adapter (included)
    • Includes:Hammerhead Karoo 2, Hammerhead Karoo 2 Mounting System,
    • Quartz mount adapter, 2.5mm Allen wrench, USB-A to USB-C cable, lanyard, Getting Started Guide
    • Dimensions: 61 x 101 x 19mm
    • Face size: 3.2in
    • Resolution: 292 PPI
    • Weight: 131 g
    • Recommended use: racing, gravel, mountain biking
    • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year

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