Verbetert muziek de sportprestatie van een duursporter?

Does music improve the sports performance of a endurance athlete?

Music is indispensable for our workouts. Athletes use the text and beats as motivation during their training or race. But how exactly is that? Why are we going to run faster or can we cycle longer when we listen to a certain song? We will explain that in this blog! In addition, we discuss examples of workout songs, including the favorites of top athletes Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders and we give you the benefits of Shokz headphones.

In 2007, the use of headphones and portable audio players was banned during long -distance races by the National Administrative Agency for Athletics in America, the USA Track & Field.

The argument for this was not only that it would be safer, but also so that riders could not use a "competitive edge". Music would help push the boundaries of the rider during the race.

How did that happen? Is that really true? Does music help you to perform better with a training or race? And which music works best for you as an endurance athlete?

I answer these questions in this article. But not only that, we also have an appropriate surprise in store!

How does music work in my brain?

One thing is certain: Music Makes You Move!

But why?

Music ensures that emotions are activated, says Dr. Erik Scherder here.

This way the entire brain is activated, including the motor areas in your brain. When these brain areas are actively stimulated by music, the tendency to move and dance becomes uncontrollable.

Do you also listen to music that you like? Then a considerable dose of dopamine is released in your brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and the "pleasure material" that belongs to the reward system of the brain. It ensures that you have nice thoughts and feelings.

In addition, dopamine is important for movement control and goal -oriented thinking and acting, which is necessary during exercise.

Conclusion: through cheerful music you automatically move more and you feel better!

Music motivates

Many people listen to music to stay motivated during exercise. And that's not surprising!

Music distracts athletes from their fatigue and pain, it increases their endurance and improves the state of mind.

How did that happen?

This is due to the following characteristics of music: pace and rhythm response.

Rhythm response is the extent to which the music gives you the feeling that you want to move on it. The rhythm of a beat is taken over by your brain and this stimulates them to spread your energy over that rhythm.

Your body does not have to make so many adjustments to make coordinated movements. It can simply run synchronously to the size and end up in an automatic 'flow'.

Every day we see many people doing this by, for example, tapping the music with the foot on the floor or nodding the head.

The opposite of this is a faster beat that is mainly experienced stimulating and therefore mainly used by athletes and in gyms.

And this is not just an assumption.

Out of one Research It has been found that cyclists who cycle the rhythm of their music consume no less than 7% less oxygen than the group of cyclists without music.

In addition, many athletes can connect with the motivational text of a certain song. Consider, for example, texts such as "I'VE GOT THE POWER' and 'Go for it. " With these sentences, the singer or singer is a motivating coach in the ear of the athlete.

ASW playlist

Tastes differ, but what are really good workout numbers?

The well -known runner Haile Gebrenelassie listened to the song 'Scatman'In the final of a running competition to keep his running pass constant. This helped him to get into the ideal cadence.

One of the most famous triathletes in the world, Lionel Sanders, listens again, for example 'I remember' from Deadmaw5 and Kaskade During his training sessions.

While Jan Frodeno, former world record holder Triathlon, listens to electronic music from, among othersDaft Punk in his playlist for indoor sessions.

If you don't already have a workout playlist yourself, you can of course consult Spotify. Research by Spotify shows that the rapper Eminem Often used in these playlists with the numbers "Till I Collapse' and 'Lose yourself’. 

The DJs are in the Netherlands Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Jax Jones and Avicii Very popular among athletes.

Of course you can also choose to be surprised. Spotify has more than 25 million workout playlists such as "Beast’, ‘Run Wild' and 'Power Workout’.

But there is one special playlist that will be guaranteed to sound like motivational music, namely: athletesportsworld Workout.

This is the ASW playlist specially made for all our athletes!

Is your favorite workout number not listed?

Don't worry, send us a message Instagram And let us know. Then your number is in the ASW list in no time.


Finally, we now know that music can make a major contribution to our sports performance. But at the same time, the USA Track & Field instance also has a point: if you listen to music with headphones, you are often less alert to your environment. You do not hear cars, mopeds or other potential danger or less good.

Happy Shokz A solution for this!

Shokz Headphones ensure that you can exercise safely. Both land as in water. There is nothing in it or over your ears.

Instead, the headphones have an open-ear design so that you can listen to music at the same time as to the sound around you.


If you still have questions about how music can improve your sports performance or are you wondering which headphones suits you best? Then don't hesitate to ask your questions or to come by in our store!

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