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MAURTEN SPORTS FOOD Reviews and experiences

Lately you hear a lot about the Maurten brand. MAURTEN SPORTS FOOD is used by many top athletes. But what makes this brand so special?

Over the past few years, you hear a lot about the Maurten brand in the sports nutrition world. Many athletes have already used Maurten in various races and have even run records on it. Like Eliud Kipchoge, the world marathon record holder, and Jan Frodeno.

What is Maurten sports nutrition?

Maurten is a Swedish brand scientifically developed to increase tolerance to higher concentrations of carbohydrates by encapsulating them in hydrogels. A hydrogel is a biopolymer and water-based structure with small pores. These go to the intestines earlier so carbohydrates can be absorbed faster and without problems. At Maurten, they also found a way to work only with natural ingredients. In addition, Maurten has filled the structure with the most efficient form of energy, carbohydrates.

In addition to the gels, they have also developed a sports drink. The sports drink also contains this hydrogel technology. Due to the encapsulation, stomach and intestines are not disturbed because the sports drink is absorbed like water. This allows you to absorb readily available energy during long efforts and in competitions. Maurten's technology would allow you to absorb twice as much carbohydrate as normal because it is immediately directed to the intestines.

Difference between the Maurten 160 drinkmix vs Maurten 320 drinkmix

Basically, both products are the same using the same hydro technology. The main difference between the sports drinkMaurten160 and the Maurten320 is the amount of carbohydrates contained in a 500ml water bottle.

In the Maurten160 drink mix contains 40 grams carbohydrates and in a Maurten320 drink mix contains 80 grams of carbohydrates in it.

Experiences and reviews from endurance athletes and elite athletes

From the experiences of many athletes, it is noticeable that many athletes have not experienced feelings of hunger or the feeling of an empty stomach. During several races, it has also been experienced that enough energy remained until the end of the race. So decay in the race remained more limited for many athletes than usual. Due to the amount of sodium (salt) in Maurten sports nutrition, calf cramps were also not experienced. Many elite athletes also use Maurten and are positive about it. For example, Maurten was a partner for the SUB2HRS project, an international initiative to have someone run a marathon under two hours within five years.

Customer reviews on Maurten sports nutrition (found under Maurten products on our website)

"Tastes neutral - in terms of supporting result, the 320g is stronger and better - view the 160 rather as a sports drink"

"Tested and approved - no 'sugar dip' - tastes neutral."

"Best gel for running and cycling"
"Tried the new gel for the first time and was immediately excited , a somewhat thick gel-like substance, taste slightly sweet and does not fall heavily on the stomach, quickly absorbed so immediate results."

Besides the many positive comments, few negative comments about Maurten sports nutrition can be found. The only negative point to be found is the price you pay for Maurten's products. This is because it is on the somewhat high side. Nevertheless, there are many endurance athletes who are willing to pay it. Stomach and intestinal problems are best avoided, of course, and adequate energy intake during exercise is essential for every athlete.

Special Marathon packages

For the half marathon and full marathon, we offer 2 packages. These you can here find. These packages you can specify how fast you think you will run yourself at the marathon or half marathon. You can also choose from a sports nutrition package with or without caffeine.

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