Kan het drinken van geconcentreerde bietensap de sport prestaties verbeteren?

Can drinking concentrated beet juice improve sport performance?

Lately you hear a lot about the use of beet juice by endurance athletes. But how does concentrated beet juice ensure better performance and endurance?
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Recently you hear a lot about the use of red concentrated beet juice, like the Bite it beet juice (sometimes also beet it written by various athletes), by endurance athletes. Red beet juice would improve the performance and endurance of the athletes. But what about this?

The fabric nitrate in beetroot juice

During enduranceBite-it-concentrated beet juiceEfforts such as running and racing bikes uses the body oxygen to produce energy. The body uses carbohydrates and after a while fats as fuel. By dealing with these energy sources as efficiently as possible, it is best to perform. Nitrate would lower the consumption of oxygen during exercise in a special way. The nitrate fabric is present in beetroot juice in a large amount if we compare this with other vegetables. Nitrate can reduce the need for oxygen in the muscles so that they can work more efficiently. Your muscles then need less oxygen so that your heart rate remains lower. Nitrate could, for example, lead to better performance at heights.

Scientists do not yet fully agree on the exact effect of beetroot juice. In any case, it seems that nitrate in beet juice leads to a higher concentration of nitrite and nitrogen monoxide in the blood. These substances ensure that the efficiency of muscle contraction is increased. In other words: the muscles seem to need less ATP (energy) for the same amount of work.

Don't take too much beetroot juice

Because the studies on beetroot juice do not go that far, it is recommended to be careful with beetroot juice. If you drink excessive quantities of it, it is no longer healthy for you. Because this is an uncertainty about the food safety of nitrate, the Nutrition Center is based on a precautionary principle. It is recommended not to use beetroot juice on a daily basis. In general, it is indicated that your beetroot juice may not use for longer than six days in a row, without having consequences for health. This allows ADI overruns in the long term to be prevented.

Nitrate is also in other vegetables

Nitrate is not only found in beetroot juice, but also in other vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and spinach. In these vegetables, nitrate only appears in a lesser quantity than in beet juice. Nitrate appears in vegetables such as spinach in combination with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All these substances are needed in a healthy diet and can even potentially neutralize the toxic effects of nitrate. But it is still recommended to handle nitrate carefully. It is certainly wise to measure your nitrate intake if you have taken a lot of vegetables or beetroot juice with nitrate that day.

The concentrated beet juice of Beet It is among other things athletesportsworld available in Bite-it shots per pieceor in Bite it shots per box of 15 pieces


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