De top vijf producten voor vrouwelijke atleten volgens Lotte

The top five products for female athletes according to Lotte

Lotte is a very experienced athlete and one of the colleagues at ASW. She trains daily and participates in races. In this blog she describes her top 5 of products especially for women. Read her preference in this blog Powerbar Electrolytes, a Tacx IndoorRainer, socks, protein shakes and a massage tun.
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The blog below was written by Lotte van Trigt, one of the employees of ASW. She is a very experienced triathlete and likes to share her knowledge about training, racing and products.

In addition to training for my sporting goals, I am always looking for the things that can best help me with that. In this blog I mentioned article 5 products that are very important to me as an athlete and that I always have at home.

1. Powerbar electrolyte

As a triathlete, I know better than anyone that cycling and walking is about food besides swimming. If you don't have your diet in order during a triathlon and get too little or do not drink enough, getting the finish will be an even bigger challenge than it already is. I exercise on the electrolytes of Powerbar† In addition to the fact that there are different flavors, so you have some variety, there is also exactly what I need. There are in the Powerbar Electrolytes almost no maltodextrin. Because we as women can avoid that better because this is much more difficult to digest and can ensure that you get a lot of stomach problems. For a competition I always do 2 tablets per bottle and so I can only tackle water during the competition. In this way I don't have to worry about the excess of diluting my salts and minerals and therefore much less chance of cramps.

2. Naturall whey protein

After all that sports and training, it is very important to recover well. For women it is extra important to get enough proteins as quickly as possible after intensive exertion. I like to do that in the form of a protein shake. And for women it is mainly the Whey Protein that we need to get in. With this shake in the taste chocolate that is nice and easy and tasteful. And can therefore start the recovery on time.

3. Tacx Indoortrainer 

Well I have only had a Tacx for a few months, but I wouldn't want to miss it anymore. It is a big purchase, but you certainly benefit a lot and enjoy it! No more in the evening in the dark or in the rain on the bike. Just sweat in the living/sleep/sports/work/attic room. I can name the advantage of training on the IndoorRainer in a few dots: you have training on theindoor bike No problems with traffic lights, crossing, dogs on long lines, people on electric bicycles, people who don't look out before they cross and no wind! Well the latter might also be a small disadvantage. But you can do very good qualitative training sessions on the IndoorRainer such as an interval or maximum training. Ideal to work yourself in a sweat. And then the quiet endurance rides can go outside again!

4. Socks

Before I was a fanatic athlete it really couldn't interest me what socks I was wearing, they were hidden in my sneakers so you didn't see them anyway. Nowadays that is a different story. I enjoy it very much to find nice socks so that I can show them by bike or with running. I am particularly a fan of the Sporcks socks. They are in the nicest colors and with good texts such as: No Day Off and Kick Ass. And they even have them with a unicorn. Of course you just have to train, but that doesn't mean that you can't wear nice socks or other beautiful outfits!

5. MassaGun

In addition to hard training, recovery is just as or perhaps even more important. Because if you do not recover well, you cannot train hard either and you do not make progress. Of course peace and sleep is an important part of the recovery. But I have a secret weapon, well it is not very secret anymore and it looks like a weapon and it is also called a massageun. But that is really an ideal attribute. When I sit on the couch in the evening and watch my series or film watching, I can put it on my calf muscle, thigh, butt or hamstring to ensure a little more relaxation. In addition to the Foamroller, this is really a nice one to have at home.

The article is called the top 5 best articles for a woman, but I could call many more articles there: such as the ASW Athlete Sweater. Who doesn't want a wonderful sweater after his competition or trainingAthlete is? Then you immediately feel an athlete. But also really favorite are the Clif Bars and the Clif Bloks, those are my food products for training and competitions. But also the buoy, for example, to put your things in and then be able to swim in outside water. And finally I call my Garmin Fenix ​​6S Pro where I really can't do without.

What are your favorite products? Let me know!

Good luck with training and racing!


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