4 Marathon hersteltips om sneller te herstellen

4 Marathon recovery tips to recover faster

Wow! You have finished a marathon. That requires a lot of effort and discipline during preparation. Fortunately, the recovery phase has arrived now and you can lean back. Nope! Not quite. In this article we explain how you can recover the fastest with the help of 4 tips.

Chapeau! After weeks of hard training and preparation it worked: you have finished a (half) marathon. That requires a lot of effort and discipline. Stack from long distance training to sprints and from carbohydrates to exactly the right drinks.

Fortunately, the recovery phase has arrived and you can lean back, right?

Not quite!

The recovery phase requires as much discipline as the preparation.

During a marathon you often go to the hole, so that your body needs more time to recover than after a quiet training. But just like your training schedule, there are also a number of guidelines for the recovery phase that you can best maintain.

That of course depends on your fitness, preparation and intensity of your race, but these four guidelines are generally applicable for both starting and experienced runners.

So, did you recently walked out a marathon or are you going to do one soon? Then prepare yourself and read on.

Active recovery

The recovery phase actually starts from the moment you cross the finish line. The first thought that people often have is to stand still immediately or sit down.

Do not do that!

Instead: take your medal, laugh in front of the photo and keep walking for 5 to 15 minutes.

In this way your heart rate drops slowly to a normal level and your body can gradually switch back from position "race" to "rest".

If you drive on the highway with 120 km p/h, you do not suddenly switch back from 6 to 1.

For the following days it is important that you keep moving quietly. For example, a study by the International Journal of Sports Medicine That a number of laps swimming have a better effect on your recovery than staying on the couch.

But make no mistake! Take it easy.

Weersta also the urge to start running again in the first week after your marathon. Your body is still too sensitive to this.

So focus on walking, swimming or cycling for the first week.


Now that your body has used almost all the fuels and reserves, it is time to supplement them again.

But how do you do that? What food do you need?

First of all, there are probably cracks in your muscles that must be recovered. You can do this best by eating protein -rich food.

After the finish, for example, eat a small snack such as a banana and a protein bar With lots of carbohydrates and proteins.

Keep your large meal for later in the day and make sure you get enough protein and carbohydrates.

For example, eat salmon or steak with sweet potato and vegetables.

In addition, it is important to hydrate after your race. During the effort, heat is released into your body that ensures a temperature increase. This way you sweat and you lose moisture. That must then be supplemented.

Immediately after the finish, for example, take a sports drink or chocolate milk and keep sipping a bottle of water regularly.

Let the alcohol stand for a while!

Tip: note the color; If your urine is transparent, you are sufficiently hydrated.

Stretch & Masseer

In the days after your marathon it is wise to stretch and massage your muscles.

Stretching calmly ensures that your muscles get a little more to length. This then improves blood flow and flexibility.

Focus every day 10-20 minutes on a large muscle group, for example:

• Day 1: calves and hamstrings

• Day 2: Quadriceps and Gluten

• Day 3: Back and shoulders

After stretching you can do a number of exercises every time that promote the mobility of your body. Think of jumping quietly, hopping and walking on your toes.

After this you are a little further in the recovery process and you can add a good sports massage. You can do this at a professional sports masseuse or you will get started with a massage gun, such as the Hypervolt

In addition, research shows that wearing compression stockings Also ensure a boost in the recovery phase.

Sleep & Pause

A good night's sleep is of course essential for restoring your muscles.

So it is smart to first take a nap of about 90 minutes before you start celebrating your marathon. Believe me, your body will be grateful!

Do not go to bed too late in the evening and do not drink coffee or other caffeine-containing drinks. Caffeine can disrupt your sleep.

What you can do is take a cold drink before you go to sleep so that your body moisturizes and falls in body temperature. This way you fall asleep more easily.

But after how many hours of sleep do you have to get up again?

The gold standard is normally to sleep for 7-8 hours.

However, after intensive activity as a marathon you need at least 9-10 hours of sleep per night during the first week.

Now that you have followed all these steps, it is still important to give yourself some peace. Do not immediately train full gas. The best way to recover is not to cause even more damage.

Even Eliud Kipchoge takes a long resting period after a marathon so that he recovers optimally and will be even faster next time!

The best way to recover from a marathon as efficiently as possible is to focus on active recovery, nutrition, hydration, stretching and sleeping.


If you still have questions about recovery after a marathon or do you wonder which products best help with this? Then don't hesitate to put them or to come by in our store!

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