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Kim van 't Verlaat

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From 2017 we will support Kim to get the best out of her herself. In the ends, Kim has shown that she has talent for triathlon sport, but also the will to work hard and get the top. What Kim mainly radiates in her sport and mentality is that she enjoys it a lot.

Kim introduces himself to you:


I am Kim van 't Verlaat, 17 year old triathlete and living in Spijkenisse. Exercising has been taught me from an early age. From the age of 7 I started with athletics at 'Spark', an athletics club 4 kilometers from our house, how ideal! It started with some relay, high jump and long jump.

Around the age of 10 I knew that walking was more for me. In the winter months I enjoyed crossing and in the summer I prefer to do the walking parts. Eventually my brother Joey - just like my father - became a member of the Triathlon Association Spijkenisse (TVS'90). After I decided to first combine cycling with athletics, I also wanted to become a member of TVS'90 at the age of 12. That is how I did cycling and triathlon together until I was 14, but still I went to the triathlon.
My mother also became a member and so we became a real "triathlonfamily"! Now, about 4 years after becoming a member of TvS'90, my parents do Long Distance Triathlons and my brother Joey and I will come together in the Eredivisie next season.
So I am currently training at TVS'90, I can train swimming in the mornings at swimming club De Kempvis, where the pace and endurance training courses go together with technology and fun. Very important if you have to get out at 5 o'clock in the morning.

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